Nice to meet you...a little about the ladybug...

Howdy..I was born and raised in Texas actually have lived in the same town all but 6 months of my live..I have been married for 31 years..I have two grown children a son 30 and a daughter 25...I have a beautiful daughter in law...a grandson (Hotrod) the love of my life...I have two dogs Nolan and Rooster...two granddogs Ginger and Hatari...the grandson and the granddogs come to the office everyday...We have our own business 23 years...our son works for us full time..our daughter part time...I love my family...I love photography...I take thousands and thousands of photos...I love Texas...I love nature..I love the outdoors..I have been blogging for a few years now...I am addicted...My blog was named for my Nana...she was my ladybug...I miss her everyday...I believe in to the top of my lungs...dancing like no one is watching...using the manners your Momma taught you...not judging others...I get up on my soap box on occasion...cause I love my country...I love my state....I believe in the right to bear arms...and that kids should be outside loving nature...not inside playing video games...I believe in showing your elders respect....and treating everyone the way I would like to be treated...thank you for stopping in to visit..
My new favorite saying: You get what you get...and you don't throw a fit....came from my Hotrod....

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Anonymous said...

Howdy nice to meet you here and read about lady bug. Your Grandmother. You never know how much you missed them till you see the vacant chair.

I love photography also. My one passion since I was small.

I make cards also, I do scrapbooks, Mini books, make dvd images for my friends who do not own a computer or a camera. I am a carol Ann of all trades.

I am an older Grandma then you now but the Good Lord has let me enjoy life so far. My life is in Gods hands.
So I really dont have too much to say. Tee,Hee.

You know there is never enough hours in the day.

Hubby and I are retired. I met him at 16. Married him at 19.We are 51 Years mmarried. I have one beautiful daughter like yourself. Two handsome sons. Then 6 Grandchildren.

Am I blessed.

I loved that age as your G.Children are. They are so cute and make you laugh non stop. Keep you going in a nice way. I took pictures of them when small. Journalling eveything they said and made each grandchild scrapbooks. Everyone's different. And even now as Teens. I am blessed they are great teens. Still have good manners.

So been fun keeping in touch with you.

Life is good being a Grandmother.

Enjoy the moments. Moments go so fast.

Talk later.

Have a good week.