Friday, September 25, 2009

what would Nana want???

Do you ever have someone mention something to you and at the time....

you don't really think anything about it??? then later it hits you...maybe

there was a meaning to what they were happened to me...

I have been trying to get rid of alot of clutter...things sitting in storage...not

being used..or just collecting dust....I had a ton of fabric that my Nana...had

left me...I have used some of it...but the rest has just been sitting in my storage

building....I thought you know this needs to go to someone that will use and

enjoy my FIL's caregiver came to mind....she sews...knits...crochets...

so I called to see if she would be interested...oh and yes she I loaded

it all up...material..yarn etc....and took it to her...on one of our recent shopping

trips she made a comment....did your grandmother leave you her sewing machine

also....I told her indeed she did...I have used it alot making costumes for my daughters

dancers....crafts and such....but not much in the last year.....later that evening it

hit know I think maybe she was wondering about the sewing machine

if I was going to give it up I thought about it quite a bit....I even talked

to hubby about it....I of course did not want to give away my Nanas sewing machine..

it means alot to me.... but I thought maybe I could take it over there and she could

use it....and if I ever needed to use it I could.....hubby said you don't want to do that...

we will find her a sewing machine.....okay that sounds good....I kept thinking about

what my Nana would want....sewing machine sitting idol or sewing machine being

used....well evidently my hubby had been thinking the same we decided

we will indeed take the sewing machine over a use and enjoy...

but it would still be mine...talked to her about it yesterday...and she is so very

excited...I know Nana is smiling down on us right now..excited to see her sewing

machine running again....


Dawn said...

How very sweet of you! I bet she was so surprised! I'm sure you're right about what Nana would've wanted!

Darla said...

Very generous hearts in your home!

Becca's Dirt said...

That is so kind of you. I am sure you will reap rewards for doing such a kind gesture.

Vintage Chicken said...

I'm sure your Nana would want her machine living in a good home with someone that will take care of it and enjoy it.

It's hard to part with material objects from those that meant so much to us... I know... we are in the process of doing just that with my grandmother's belongings. Lots of mixed feelings and lots of mixed emotions.

Joy said...

What a sweet way to bless her.
I know your Nana would be happy with your decision.


Janie said...

Sounds like a well thought out decision that would please your grandmother!

Tanna said...

I'm thinkin' Nana is smilin'.

Deb, I would love to hear more about your "decluttering". How did you start? What motivated you? Please tell us more.