Sunday, February 22, 2009

This Family Sunday is dedicated to our dogs





Our dogs brings us lots of joy and a lot of craziness too. Let me start with Bliss she is the queen of the manor, the only female and the boss of all,she is 9 years old and was a present for my son, she has JD trained, he sits on her in the winter to keep her warm when she is not in her heated dog house, a few years back she started gaining alot of weight even though she was eating the same, was acting like she had arthritis, really slowed her down, she kept a rash on her stomach, was just a mess, went to the vet for months trying to find out what was wrong with her, well they finally did a blood test, and her thyroid was low, put her on medicine and with in a few weeks we saw a big change, she dropped the weight over time and now acts just like she did when she was a puppy. She loves to catch birds, lizards and if a neighbors chicken gets in our yard, well, they don't last long.

JD, he is a blue healer,he is 9 years old and a present for my daughter, such a loyal dog, gives Bliss a bath every day, sits on her if she's cold, will stay with you all day long when you are working in the yard, loves to put one paw on you, or have you hold hands with him. JD got bit by a snake and we thought we were going to loose him, well they did blood tests on him and found out he had a low thyroid, which caused the snake bite to effect him worse, he is now on thyroid medicine also. It is amazing what a change it made in him also.

Nolan is 5 years old and was a Christmas gift from my husband, he said he was a replacement for the kids growing up. Nolan thinks he is the boss, we call him the little drill Sargent, the way he marches around, he is very mouthy and likes to talk back. I named him after my grandfather that past away several years ago. Nolan can be a very sweet and loving dog when he want to, he loves to play ball and will chase a ball for hours on end, when I am vacuuming, he has to bring me a toy to throw, this all started when he was a puppy, he was a little afraid of the vacuum cleaner so I would play with him to get his mind off of it, and it has stuck with him, he does the same thing when I mow the yard.

Jake is 4 years old, and was a Christmas present from my husband also, really he was a gift to Nolan. Jake is our little lover boy, he loves to be loved, he loves to curl up close to you to sleep and if you get up in the middle of the night when you return he will be in your spot. If you are using the heating pad, and get up for something you can guarantee he will be on it when you get back, he loves to chase squirrel and birds. If you do not feel well he will stay cuddled with you all day long. He has a very sweet nature. I have a bathroom off of my office and Nolan will go in, but the door will close behind him and he can't get out, I can call Jake and he will run in and push the door open to let Nolan out. He loves to wear his sweater.


DelorumRex said...
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Tracey said...

What a cute bunch of fur babies!

Judanna said...

Love all those babies.

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Hi Deb - cute, cute lil' doggies. They do rule our world, don't they? Seems like ours does anyway. And I love your wreath - reminds me of summertime - it'll be here before we know it. Have a great weekend! Cathy

♥ Kathy said...

Your dogs are soooo cute I just love the pic of the dog in the tree :)

Nancy Rosalina said...

Hi Deb, What cuties you have! Pets bring so much joy....I am re-learning that! We just love our is amazing!

Unknown said...

Okay, your dogs are cute, cute, cute. Love the bumble bee pictures.


Quilt Monkey said...

I just ran across this post and I love it. Your dogs are so cute and full of personality. We no longer have a dog, we are just a cat couple now, but I have a 'granddogger' I see alot of. She is a basset hound and is the sweetest natured dog I've ever been around. (I could take Jake home with me.)