Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween traditions...

Growing up we lived just outside of on Halloween we

always went to my grandparents to trick or treat....they lived in

a neighborhood with lots of families....we would usually have sandwiches

for dinner...sometimes when it was cold...a beef stew.....several years in

a mother would dress up as a witch....I was terrified of her....

they would close in the front scarey music...hook up a black light
I would makeher take off all her makeup and costume before I would ride home with her....

I wish I could find the pictures of her to show you....she was very realistic...

the neighbors just next door would turn their garage into Frankensteins Lab...

with a man coved in blood....with a would get to feel eyeballs...

and brains...some years they put coffins in there front never knew

when someone would pop out....or if they were neighbor always

made popcorn carmeled apples....of course my Mom always

inspected the candy before we could eat it....and we were only allowed to

eat the home made goods from the families we knew....Halloween always

scared me a bit when I was a kid....but I had an active imagination....sometimes

a wild imagination...but I loved dressing up
.....we rarely ever got store bought costumes.....usually they

were homemade....I wore my brothers boy scott uniform...he wore my girl scott

uniform....we would be hobos...clowns....even ghosts made from old sheets...
what were your traditions for Halloween????


betty-NZ said...

You have some great memories, Deb!

We would always make our own costumes, too, with home-made blood and stuff. Life was simpler back then when it never crossed your mind that the neighbors might want to hurt you.

Tee said...

Hey Miss Deb! I was so happy to hear from you last week.

My grandmother was a pro seamstress so I had some pretty nice homemade costumes. My favorite from her was a black cat costume. When I was about 8 or 9Mom dressed me up as a gypsy (we had absolutely no $ that year!). I was so excited when she put eyeliner, mascara, and big hoop earrings on me.

The only tradition I can think of is that we usually had spaghetti for supper before we went trick or treating.

Great post!

p.s. I don't know what those purple berry bushes are, but I'm going to find out.

nancygrayce said...

I LOVED the part about wearing each other's boy and girl scout uniforms! We were always was the only costume my mother had time to make! There were 6 of us. I guess surely, we must have been other things, but that stands out!

Loretta said...

Hi Deb,
Boy I wish you could find a pic of mom dressed up! I sure would love to see it! Sounds like you had some great times and memories. Hugs, Loretta

Celestina Marie said...

Hey Deb, how bout this rain? Now this is enough!! LOL

Loved reading your Halloween traditions and fun. We dressed up in our homemade costumes and nothing like the kids do today with all the gorey stuff. We, like you did ghosts, clowns, hobos, etc. Just what we had in the house.

Love the pink car below.
Our fair will be on the Oprah show on Monday.

Stay dry!!
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Kat said...

Loved this post Deb. We used to run all over the neighborhood, never worried about anything. So different than today. Of course the candy had to be inspected, but other than that it was pretty carefree. We had a neighbor that would always do a haunted house and it was really, really good. Hope your rain slows down some soon, it's raining again here. Kathy

Joy said...

What fun memories of Halloween. We Trick or Treated but my family never got into it too much. I remember when I was a little girl about 5 we went T or T'ing in my Grandparents neighborhood, because we lived in the boondocks.
Some one gave me candy cigarettes. My mom was so mad. She thru them out the car window while we were going down the road on the way home. Only time I ever saw her litter. haha.


Tanna said...

I so loved Halloween as a kid!! Your recollection brought back many good memories for me, too. The most fun one is the popcorn balls Mrs. Pace, our fourth grade teacher, would make! Man, those were so good!

Dawn said...

Homemade costumes are the best! One year we all went to grandma's early. Later on we heard a knock at the back door. It was a hobo and he tried to give grandma a rotten bananna from his pocket. It was my mom! She tricked us all that year, no one recognized her! My kids don't like me to dress up at all either.

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