Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me"

"One of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me", I have had so many nice

things done for me in my life...I am fortunate to have a loving family...and nice

friends...trying to pick just one is not easy....I guess one that comes to mind is something

the whole family ended up enjoying...six years ago...unbeknown to me my husband and then

14 year old daughter were plotting my Christmas gift...I have always wanted a house dog...but

my husband never did...only out side dogs...mostly hunting dogs...big fun...messy dogs...well

with a little coaching from my daughter they decided to get me a little dog...after all my kids

were 14 and 19 and I needed something to mother...so they researched...and came up with

a miniature schnauzer....they don't shed...don't get too big...and are loyal....one day right before

thanksgiving...I was out running errands and my husband called....I need you to get back to

the office quickly...so I hurried there...I walked in the door...and out from behind the counter

come a little fuzz ball...I almost cried...they almost cried....it was Nolan....my little schnauzer..

well I knew I had to name him Nolan after my grandfather.....Nolan was so cute...loved to

sit in my lap....and ride on my shoulder in the truck....the whole family loved him....then he

got to be a little mess...demanding alot of attention...loved to be the focus of our world...good

or bad....so my husband and daughter plotted again for the next Christmas....another schnauzer... so they found Jake....Nolan loved him...and picked on him instead of us....I always

tell everyone Jake wasn't really my present but Jakes....needless to say 6 years later...they

are our babies and bring all of us so much joy....(aggravation some times too...but that is what a family is about)...they even have their own blog...shared with Bliss and JD


Lori E said...

As mom to a almost 13 year old Labrador I can relate to the mothering part of this post. My sons are grown but the dog always needs a mom.
Schnauzers are so smart (after all they have their own blog) I think they really do need to be kept busy so how perfect to get a second one for him to focus on.
I love it when our families actually listen to us and put some thought into a gift. Even though you get the work.
Thanks Deb for participating in the Writer's Challenge.

Becca's Dirt said...

What a sweet story. Love the photo of the sleeping bundle. I have to have a little dog to mother too. They are such a good companion. I love my little Buddy so much and I spoil him everyday.

Blondie's Journal said...

I just loved this, Deb! Your family really took your wants to heart and that shows their love for you. And you got two more loving family members. How lucky you are!!

What a sweet story! :-)


Kat said...

What a great story Deb! I love the way that your family knew just what you needed at that particular moment in your life. Having worked for a vet for 24 years, I can attest to the fact that Schnauzers definitely need companionship, and that they are loyal and loving friends for life. (but they don't like us much lol) Kathy

Joy said...

Love the story of how Nolan came into your life.
You know I'm a Schnauzer lover.
Our little Libby has been such a joy. My girls would love another one, but I'm good with one right now.
Love that little tummy.


Judy said...

Deb, this is simply the sweetest photo I have seen in a long time!!!!