Thursday, May 28, 2009

More hometown scenes

This was taken at the Arts Center
This was taken at the Veterans Memorial

Arts Center....the water was almost turquoise

This is on the street corner in front of a new college location

At the Arts Center....loved the reflections in the water

This was by the new college location also

and so were these

our Clock Tower

Veterans Memorial...very peaceful place

down in our heritage district

this is at the arts can see the clock tower on it..

Our city has been working really hard on beautification...
there have been alot of improvements made...
Hope you enjoyed the little tour.....


Unknown said...

Looks so clean!!

Avril said...

Thank you for the tour! I agree with Darla - it looks so clean!

Loretta said...

Great tour of your hometown! Of course my favorite pics are of the flowers and the water! I'll try riding someday and take pictures of my hometown. I'm sure it won't be as interesting as yours but we have a lot of Native American sites. In fact our land was inhabited by a group of Native Americans because we live near a creek. When we purchased the land, the historical society came and dug for arrowheads and found a few. They gave them to us to keep. If I can find them I will post them. Hugs, Loretta

Susie said...

Well the city has certainly done a great job! Looks like a nice place to live.

Janie said...

You have a beautiful home town. I love that clock tower, in real time and in the art work.

Joy said...

I did enjoy the tour. Thanks. I love seeing where other folks live.