Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sign...what sign????

I guess they can't read the sign.......
These photos were taken in Shreveport by the Red River...


Kay said...

People are just plain ignorant or they feel the laws do not apply to them.

In the gated community where we live all the streets have one side for parking and the other side is a fire lane with NO PARKING signs all along. People park right under the NO PARKING signs all the time, even the residents!


SILVER said...

hmm.. signs seem to suffer the most defiant acts right under its nose actually!

how have you been? hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day..;)


SILVER said...

Judanna is your mom??

ah-now i see where that familiar sweetness comes from!!

ok- spreading my wings and getting there now, dear!

Judanna said...

It doesn't look like anyone is enforcing the rules of the sign. They do look like they are having loads of fun. Good pictures, love the old bridge, I think they are most common for that part of Louisiana.

deedee said...

If they stuck the sign in the water, probably would still have people swimming in there. There is always one or two or three or..... that just don't think anything applies to them.

Janie said...

Well, they were supervised, weren't they? And when it's hot, I guess water is hard to resist. Great photo. It's not unusual to see a sign around here saying "no hunting" that's been shot to oblivion with holes. So, the Shreveport kids aren't unique, by any means.

Terry said...

Howdy Deb
Loved your photos ,I finally got my Wordless Wednesday post up.I know its afternoon but we're having computer problems.Patience is a virtue .
Anyway I thought I would saddle up and go visiting my neighbors in blogland for the rest of the afternoon.I'm so glad I dropped by .I have had such a great time .
The kids in the water made me smile and want to scream where are your parents ? Can't you read ???
I don't think It would have entered our minds to deliberately ignore a sign when I was a kid. We just knew the rules were the rules
and you must show respect for other peoples property.It was that simple.
Have a blessed week .

~TexasLady~ said...

We lived in Shreveport for years before finally getting back to Texas in 04, and trust me, this is the norm for Shreveport.

Girl Tornado said...

There are lots of people that pay no attention to signs. I actually laughed when I saw your pics. Beautiful fountain, but a shame people thought the sign did not apply to them!

Anonymous said...

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