Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5th

Today is May 5th most commonly known around here as Cinco Demayo...
but alot of other events have happened on May 5th.....

1751: The Portuguese government takes steps to curb the Inquisitions powers
1942: Battle of Coral Sea
1988: A live broadcast from the top of Mt Everest is made for the first time, by Japanese TV

May 5, 1891 : Carnegie Hall originally called Music Hall has it's official opening in New York City with a concert conducted by maestro Walter Damrosch and composer Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

May 5,1961 : Alan B. Shepard Jr became the first American in space today after soaring 115 miles above the earth in a spacecraft named Freedom 7.

Some examples of adds and prices you may have seen on this day in history

1924 -Humphrey Automatic Gas Water Heater
The latest in technology California

1931- Keep your clothes safe from moths in this superbly designed
Cedar Chest $29.75 New York

1951 -5 Diamond 1 carat wedding band on 14K gold $295.00 Texas

1960- Summer dress Carnival with the very latest styles from $7.95 West Virginia

Hope your having a great May 5th....no matter what you are celebrating....

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Chandy said...

This is our first Cinco de Mayo celebration attempt, so we'll be celebrating with a tablescape!

Happy May 5th!